Who Came Before Us: Genealogy of the Soule Family
by Donald Soule

Who Came Before Us: Genealogy of the Soule Family

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Byron Soule (1914-1997) married Dorothy Bass, around 1935. They had at least seven children: George Daniel (born March 24, 1936); Elizabeth Anthony (born October 2, 1937); Edith May (October 12, 1939); Byron Wheeler Jr. (born February 5, 1943); Leroy Francis Allen (born November 13, 1944); Evelyn Lillian (born October 22, 1945); and William Lawrence (born July 4, 1947). They lived in Providence, Rhode Island.

After their son Byron Jr. was born, Byron and Dorothy decided that they could not afford to raise any more children. So they put their next three children into an orphanage, just as soon as they were born. In fact, the four older children knew nothing about the three younger children, until many years later.

Dorothy left Byron, when she was pregnant with their seventh child William. In addition, Byron found out that he was really not the father of his son Byron Jr. In the fall of 1947, Byron decided to get as far away from Dorothy as he could, and he accepted a job in Guam. His children never heard from him again.

Meanwhile, Dorothy had moved in with William T. Farrell, and she had two children with him: Sylvia (born November 15, 1949); and Charles (born November 10, 1951). As soon as Charles was born, Dorothy and William dissolved their relationship, and their two children were also sent to an orphanage. In fact, they were sent to the same orphanage that Dorothy's three youngest children with Byron were sent to.

Dorothy later moved in with Albert R. Charboneau. She never told him anything about her marriage to Byron Soule, or her relationship with William Farrell, or her nine children. Dorothy had one child with Albert: Albert Jr. (born September 22, 1953).

Dorothy was known to have a bad temper, and also, to just sit in a chair and stare at the wall for hours. Whenever any of her children called her and tried to talk to her, she was mean. She denied she was their mother and she hung up the phone. While she was married to Albert, she had an affair with a truck driver, and so he left her. She died on November 7, 1999.

Byron Soule later returned from Guam and lived in Dallas. He worked as a cook at the Candlelite Inn, in nearby Arlington. He was known as "Gabby." He developed a gay relationship with Willis Winston Young Jr. While Byron was living in Dallas, many of his children were looking for him, but they never found him. Byron died on June 1, 1977.

This book provides information on the seven children of Byron Soule and Dorothy Bass, as well as her other three children.  It also traces the ancestors of Byron Soule, from his father, back to his great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, and actually back before that.

The book is packed with information, family stories, and old photographs. Family members will be excited to discover that they had an ancestor in the Revolutionary War, and they even had an ancestor on the Mayflower.

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