We Came from Thuringia: Genealogy of the Bach Family in Breathitt County, Kentucky
by T. Bach

We Came from Thuringia: Genealogy of the Bach Family in Breathitt County, Kentucky

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This book presents the genealogy of the Bach family (also known as the Back family), who settled in southeastern Kentucky, over 200 years ago. They first lived in Breathitt County, along Quicksand Creek, and then later, they and their descendants moved into several nearby counties, including Harlan, Letcher, and Perry. This is the genealogy that has been passed down, through the family, for hundreds of years.

The family originated in Thuringia, Germany, and they were second cousins to Johann Sebastian Bach, the famous musician. They sailed to America in 1740, and they first settled in Culpeper County, Virginia, along Crooked Creek. They changed the spelling of their last name, from "Bach" to "Back." In 1791, the youngest son, Joseph Back, his wife Elizabeth Hoffman-Maggard, and their children migrated to southeastern Kentucky and founded the family there. This book includes dozens of source documents that prove the genealogy, and more than 300 pictures.

This book also includes copies of all the pages from the old Bach Family Bible that have handwriting on them, documenting the lineage. That old book is now on display at the Breathitt County Library. But you can see the copies of all of those pages, in this remarkable book.

The book follows each of the four children of Joseph and his wife Elizabeth: (1) Joseph Jr., who was born about 1773, but was murdered in 1802. (2) John, who was born on November 19, 1774, and married Catherine Robertson. (3) Mary, who was born on November 1, 1777, and had an affair with John Colyer Jr. She gave birth to a son she named Alfred, and then she died, a few weeks later. And (4) Henry, who was born on February 6, 1785, and married Susannah Maggard. This book discusses each of these four children in detail, as well as their spouses, their children, and their grandchildren.

Joseph died in 1819, and his wife Elizabeth died in 1826. She was the first person to be buried in the Maggard Cemetery, in Letcher County, because she had been adopted and raised by the Maggard family, back in 1771. Sadly, in 1988, some people who called themselves "The Back-Bach Genealogical Society" removed her gravestone and replaced it with one that described her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Hoffman, who married Joseph's brother Henry.

There is a tremendous amount of information in this book, and lots of fascinating stories about many of the members of this family. The book documents the lineage, back to 1520, in Thuringia, Germany, and then it follows it down through the generations, to the mid-1900s, in southeastern Kentucky. Many members of this family changed the spelling of their last name back to "Bach," generally after WWII. That is why both spellings are used, in this family.

You will be impressed by the extraordinary amount of research that has been done, documenting the lineage in this family. The author spent over a decade, researching and writing this book. If you have a Bach (or Back) ancestor from southeastern Kentucky, you will really enjoy this book. 

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