Tribute to Inez Pascall
by Meredith Montgomery

Tribute to Inez Pascall

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Inez Pascall was a very special lady. This book documents her life, her ancestors, and her descendants.

Inez's father was James Robert Hale (1895-1975). His ancestors have been traced back to Robert Haile (1520-1585), who was from Dursley, England. His great grandson, George Haile (1601-1671), sailed to America in 1620, on the ship Supply, which was a companion ship to the Mayflower. His great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandson was James Robert Hale (1895-1975). Please note that the spelling of the family's last name changed, from Haile to Hale, around 1770, when one son had a "falling out" with his father.  All fourteen generations of this line are documented in detail.

Inez's mother was Myrtle Fern Washburn (1900-1968). Her ancestors have been traced back to John Washburn (1718-1779), who was from Virginia. His grandson Samuel Washburn (1793-1838) migrated to Texas in 1836, to take advantage of the "second-class headright grant," which provided 1,280 acres to families who were willing to settle there, and remain there, for at least three years. It was quite dangerous at that time, because of the hostile Indians. Samuel's land was in Pink Hill, which was about two miles west of the present-day town of Bells, in Grayson County, about seventy miles northeast of Dallas. But he was killed by Indians, just two years later. Samuel's grandson, William Washburn, was the father of Myrtle Fern Washburn. All five generations of this line are documented in detail.

Additional information is provided about these men and their families: Daniel Dugan, Micaijah Davis, and Renne Allred.

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