They Are Remembered: The Ancestors of Burke Bullock
by Tess Owens

They Are Remembered: The Ancestors of Burke Bullock

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This outstanding book is packed full of genealogical information. It starts with Captain Hugh Bullock, who was born in 1578, in Essex County, England. He married Mary Hinson Nash, and they had five children. They sailed to America, and they later settled along the Poquoson River, in York County, Virginia.

The book then follows their son Richard (born 1611), who married Mary Hawkins; then their son Richard Jr. (born 1660), who married Elizabeth Shockley; then their son Jeremiah (born 1700), who married Amy Felts; then their son Charles (born 12-25-1740), who married Elizabeth Johnston; then their son Richard (born 8-27-1766), who married Chole Gowan; then their son Stephen (born 1807), who married Melinda Barfield; then their son Cornelius (born 6-20-1837), who married Elizabeth Jane Benton and Jane E. Attaway Martin; then their son Joseph Lee (born 9-25-1882), who married Ammie V. Keelin; and finally, down to their son Morris Shepherd (born 6-21-1910), who married Mary Ellen Green.

The book also provides an enormous amount of genealogical information about the ancestors of several of the women who married into the Bullock family, including the parents of Melinda Barfield (Cornelius Barfield and Alice Herring) and their ancestors; the parents of Jane E. Attaway (Green Attaway and Margaret Twily Rhodes) and their ancestors; the parents of Ammie Keelin (Daniel Keelin and Jane Lanford) and their ancestors; and the parents of Mary Ellen Green (John Watson Green and Fannie Hill) and their ancestors.

The book is full of land deeds, census reports, church records, maps, obituaries, death certificates, gravestones, wills, and old photographs of many family members. There is also a Civil War pension, and copies of several letters written by some of these people.

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