The Beedle Family
by Sarah Ann Sanders

The Beedle Family

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Members of this family spelled their last name in a variety of ways, including Beedle, Bedle, Bedell, Biddle, and Beagle.

This book follows two members of this amazing family, as they migrated to southern Ohio, in the late 1700s. They got there by building flatboats, and floating down the Ohio River. Those two men were: Joseph Beedle Jr., who was born on July 9, 1749, in New Jersey; and William Beedle, who was  born around 1735, also in New Jersey. They were probably cousins.

After they arrived in Ohio, Joseph built Covalt's Station, near Cincinnati; and William built Beedle's Station, just north of there, in Warren County. 

Joseph Beedle Jr. was the son of Joseph Beedle Sr. and his wife. He had three siblings: Francis (born November 13, 1758); Daniel (born around 1764); and Phebe (born September 24, 1770). After his mother died, he, his father, and his three siblings moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania, in 1775. Joseph Jr. married Mary Meek, around 1780. His father, Joseph Sr., died in late 1788. Shortly after that, on January 1, 1789, Joseph Beedle Jr., his sister Phebe, and her husband John Fletcher, migrated to southern Ohio, with about forty other people, including Abraham Covalt, who led the group. (Joseph's brother Francis joined them in Ohio, about five months later.) These people landed just east of Cincinnati, and the men built Covalt's Station, as protection from the Indians.

William Beedle was the son of John Bedell Jr. and Susannah Valentine. He married Esther Littell, around 1760, and they had five children. In 1792, William sold his land in New Jersey, and he and his family migrated to Ohio. In the fall of 1795, they were in Warren County, just north of Cincinnati. William, his son James, and his son-in-laws, built Beedle's Station, on some land that he had bought, near what is now Lebanon, Ohio. This fort was also to protect them from Indians. Soon, Francis Beedle came to live there; he was a brother of Joseph Beedle Jr.

There is a great deal of information in this book about the influx of Shakers to Warren County, and how they and their peculiar beliefs tore apart William Beedle's family. Each of his children are well documented too, including the ones who converted to become Shakers.

But the book mainly follows Joseph Beedle Jr., his wife Mary Meek, and their eleven children. They later moved to Miami County, Ohio, in 1805, and then onto Fountain County, Indiana, in 1825. Joseph died there, on July 9, 1826, which was his 77th birthday.

The book then follows each of Joseph Mary's children, down through the generations. Their great grandson Ezra Richardson Beedle (born February 14, 1854), who married Emma Rena Mead, later migrated to Kansas, in 1879. They first lived in Pottawatomie County. By 1885, they were living in Chase County. They were some of the first settlers there. The book also provides a great deal of information about Ezra's children and grandchildren.

This is truly a fascinating book, and it's full of documents and pictures that you will really enjoy.

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