The Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Blake (1840-1916)
by the Blake Family

The Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Blake (1840-1916)

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He was born on March 4, 1840, in White County, Illinois. He fought in the Civil War, on the Union side, as a private in the 29th Regiment of the Illinois Infantry, Company G. He was a musician, in his unit. He was mustered into service on August 19, 1861, and he served for the rest of the war. After he went home, he married Louisa Jennings, the daughter of Joshua Jennings. They had five children:  Missouri (born 1867); James (born 1868); Fanny (born 1873); Benjamin (born 1876); and Francis Joshua (born March 29, 1878).

Joseph's wife Louisa died around 1878. He got remarried to Vienna C. Richey, shortly after that. She was also a widow, and she bought her daughter Alice (born 1876) to the marriage. Joseph and Vienna had two children together: Ardelo (born February 8, 1884); and Ethel (born March 5, 1888). Vienna died on the same day that her son Ardelo died, which was February 11, 1905. Joseph died on June 7, 1916. They were buried in the Big Hill Cemetery.

This book documents Joseph's ancestors, back to his grandfather, and then it focuses on his son Francis Joshua Blake and his descendants. There is also substantial information on some of the families who married into the Blake family, including the Jennings family, the Nelson family, the Martin family, the Draper family, and the Piazza family. There are numerous pictures of family members included in the book.

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