Some Descendants of Anthony Brackett (1610-1691)
by the Brackett Family Historical Society

Some Descendants of Anthony Brackett (1610-1691)

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Anthony Brackett was born around 1610, in Norfolk County, England. He sailed to America when he was a young man, around 1631. He settled in a placed called Odiorne's Point, New Hampshire. He got married around 1634, but the name of his wife is not known. Sometime before 1649, he and his family moved about one mile south, near the town of Rye, and they lived on Brackett Lane (now called Brackett Road). But on September 28, 1691, Anthony and his wife, and eight other people, were brutally murdered by Indians, in what became known as "The Brackett Lane Massacre." This book follows their son Thomas (born around 1635), who left Rye and migrated to Portland, Maine, around 1662. He soon married Mary Mitton, and they had at three children. But on August 11, 1676, Thomas was shot and killed by Indians, while he was working on his farm. His wife and children were kidnapped by the Indians and held hostage for quite some time. This book then follows one of those children, Joshua (born July 19, 1676), who later married Mary Haines Weeks.

Joshua Brackett and his wife Mary had thirteen children, and this book discusses each of them. It then continues with Joshua and Mary's grandson, Benjamin Brackett (born about 1740), who later migrated to North Carolina. Extensive information is presented about him, his wives, and their children. An old photograph of their home in Brackettown, North Carolina has even been found. 

The book continues with Benjamin's son Benjamin (born about 1770) and his wife Elizabeth Upton. They had seven children, and information is presented about each of them. The book then focuses on their son John (born 1798), his wife Sarah Elizabeth Calloway, and their six children.

The book continues with John and Sarah's son, Raleigh Moey Brackett (born September 21, 1834), and his wife Susan Cynthia Brown. They had seven children, and information is presented about each of them. The book then focuses on their son Benjamin Washington Brackett (born October 18, 1870), his wife Millie Corder, and their twelve children. They later migrated to Grayson County, Texas, around 1888. Extensive information is provided about each of their children, including a large number of pictures of family members.

Three hundred years of the Brackett family history is documented in this book.

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