Paternal Ancestors of Arthur Collins
by J.B. Hayden

Paternal Ancestors of Arthur Collins

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His paternal ancestors have been traced back to his great, great grandfather, who was William Daniel Collins (1804-1896). He was born in North Carolina. When he was a young man, he and his brother Solomon migrated to Clay County, Kentucky. William married Delitha Powell, in 1832. They had thirteen children: Alfred (born November of 1832); Anderson D. (born 1834); Nancy (born 1836); Martha Patsy (born 1838); John Marshall (born 1840); Elisha (born 1842); Jesse (born 1844); Sarah (born 1846); Perry (born March 22, 1848); Joel (born 1850); William Jr. (born November 25,1852); Wade (born December 25, 1854); and Robert (born 1858). And William's brother Solomon married Mary Hollingsworth in 1844. They had seven children (Solomon Jr., Levi, Nancy, Sarah, Lucinda, Louis, and Andrew Jackson).

The book then focuses on William and Delitha's son, Alfred Collins (1832-1905). He married Delila Henson in 1852, and they had eleven children: William Henry (born November 25, 1852); Delitha (born September 19, 1853, but died as a baby); Jarvis (born May of 1856); Anderson (born about 1858); Granville (born about 1859); Margaret (born about 1861); Jasper (born about 1863); Alfred Jr. (born about 1868); Donna (born 1870); Lovina (born about 1871); and Paul (born about 1873). While Alfred was serving in the Civil War, his right eye "was shot out." He and his family later moved to Powell County, Kentucky. After his wife Delila died, Alfred got remarried to Eliza Richie in 1897. They then moved to Breathitt County, and lived near Frozen Creek.

The book then focuses on Alfred and Delila's son Jarvis "Jarva" Collins (1856-1938). He married Mary Evaline Sewell in 1878, and they had nine children: Sarah (born September 27, 1879); George Washington (born July 4, 1882); William Sherman (born January 15, 1884, or 1886); Wilburn (born February 22, 1891); Kelly (born March 16, 1893); Minerva Jane (born December 20, 1895); John Logan (born July 24, 1898); Eliza (born 1901); and Edward (born 1902).

The book then focuses on Jarva and Mary's son William Sherman Collins (1884-1973). He married Dora Vires in 1921, and they had nine children: Ray (born 1922); Russell (born 1924); Elmer James, known as “James” (born June 30, 1926); Alfred C., known as “A.C.” (born September 10, 1928); Robert Daniel, known as “R.D.” (born January 29, 1930), Arthur (born July 24, 1931); George D. (born August 31, 1934); Kelly, known as “K.C.” (born October 11, 1936); and Barbara Faye (born February 10, 1940). In 1946, William and his family left Kentucky and they moved to Port Huron, Michigan.  He died there, and was buried in the Lakeside Cemetery.

This book contains information on all the children, in each generation, and it includes copies of census reports, and several photographs of these people. 

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