Manuscript of Families of Breathitt County Area
by Dr. Wilgus Bach

Manuscript of Families of Breathitt County Area

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This DVD contains the original 442-page manuscript that was written by Dr. Wilgus Bach, in the 1920s. It contains 63 sections of genealogical information, concerning 63 individual families: Adams, Bach/Back, Banks, Blair, Boggs, Bowman, Breeding, Byrd, Calhoun, Campbell, Carpenter, Caudill, Chambers, Cockrill, Combs, Cooper, Cope, Craft, Crawford, Davis, Deaton, Eversole, Fields, Frazier, Fugate, Gabbard, Gibbs, Haddix, Hagins, Hargis, Hensley, Hogg, Holbrook, Holliday, Hollon, Hounshell, Howard, Hudson, Hurst, Kash, Landrum, Landsaw, Lovely, Maggard, Miller, Murphy, Noble, Reynolds, Roberts, Robertson/Robinson, Rose, Russell, Short, Smith, South, Stacy, Stamper, Strong, Swango, Terry, Turner, Tutt, and Williams.

Please note that most families are also discussed in other family's sections as well. So, you really should read the entire manuscript, when looking for information about a particular family.

There are also 3 other sections in the manuscript: The Oven Fork Baptist Church; The Regular Baptist Church at Quicksand; and Misc. Records (births, marriages, deaths, and tax lists).