Jacob Tritle's Descendants
by John Manning

Jacob Tritle's Descendants

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Jacob Treuttle was born on May 6, 1717, in Kurnbach, Germany, which is in the Baden-Wurttemberg region, in the southeastern part of the country. Around 1740, he married Elizabeth Huyett. They sailed to America on the ship Polly, which landed in Philadelphia on August 24, 1765. They settled in Leitersburg, Maryland.

Jacob changed the spelling of his last name to "Tritle," so that it was easier to spell and pronounce. This book follows their son Jacob, who was born on January 2, 1744, in Germany, and came to America with them. He married Susanna Neff, on November 23, 1773.

After the Revolutionary War ended, Jacob and Susanna moved to what is now Franklin County, Pennsylvania. They had nine children: Jacob (born December 11, 1777); Magdalena (born about 1780); Susanna (born 1785); John (born June 5, 1789); Philip (born De-cember 25, 1791); Elizabeth (born about 1793); Frederick (born 1796); Catherine (born 1798); and Daniel (born 1801).

Jacob Tritle died on June 16, 1825, and he was buried in the Grindstone Hill Cemetery. This book documents his children and many of their descendants. 

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