Home History Report
by Jack Morgan

Home History Report

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Have you ever wondered who lived in your house before you did? The owners of this house did!

We were able to trace the records all the way back to the very first occupants, Harry Olmstead and his wife Bertha Merryman, who were the people who built the house in 1908. Extensive information was discovered about his family, back seven generations, to England. They immigrated to America in 1632, and they settled in Hartford, Connecticut. In 1856, one of the descendants, Henry Olmstead, and his wife Cordelia Browne, migrated to Berlin, Wisconsin. It was their son Harry Olmstead, who married Bertha Merryman, who came to Dallas in 1907, and then built this house. 

The Olmstead's lived there, for seventeen years and they raised their three children there: Robert Merryman (born about 1910); Bertha (born about 1913); and Harriet (born about 1917). In 1925, Harry Olmstead sold the home to Miss Blanche Sarah Housley.

Blanche got the money to buy the house, from her father's estate. His name was Lisbon Housley, and he had committed suicide, on Christmas Eve of 1894, when she was just five years old. She lived at that house on Junius Street for twenty-six years, until her death in 1951. While she lived there, she had taken in several boarders. She left the home to one of those boarders, Mr. Henry B. Grad. He lived there for twenty-two years, until his death in 1973. He left the home to his housekeeper, Oree Thomas. She lived there for thirty-one years, until her death in 2004. Strangely, several other people who she cleaned houses for also left their homes to her, in their wills. Oree left the home to her twin sister, Ora Brooks, who died in 2006. The current owners bought the house from Ora's estate.

This book contains in-depth information about each of the residents, including their ancestors, and stories about their lives. The book is packed full of pictures and documents. 

Wouldn't you like to have a report written for your house?

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