Genealogy of Gertie Lee Craddock
by Mary Foster

Genealogy of Gertie Lee Craddock

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Gertie was born as Gertie Lee Carpenter, on August 11, 1912, in Wood County, Texas. She was the daughter of Oscar Carpenter and Zera Watson.

Gertie first married Morris Shepard Turner, around 1936. They had two children, although one died the day he was born. Morris died in 1939.

Gertie got remarried to Biela Craddock, in 1947. But he died in 1958.

In 1959, Gertie moved into a little house, by herself, where she would live for the rest of her life, which was forty-two years. She worked as a cook at the local middle school. She died in 2001.

This book documents her father's ancestors, her mother's ancestors, and the ancestors of both of her husbands.

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