Family History Report for the Mann Family
by Cheryl Jackson

Family History Report for the Mann Family

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This is the family history of the Mann family, from Menifee County, Kentucky. The family can be traced back to Samuel Mann (born about 1775), who lived along Sinkhole Creek, in Russell County, Virginia, and his second wife Preshi Dykes. Samuel and Preshi Mann's son Thomas married Elizabeth Craft, around 1840. 

Thomas and Elizabeth Mann had a son named Alvin (born May 15, 1859), who married Lavisa Risner. And they had a son named Meredith, who was known as "Merida" (born March 21, 1887).

Merida Mann married Ada Graham, around 1922, and they had four children: Eleanor, Marjory, Melville Randolph, and Aleta Jane. They lived in Dan, Kentucky, where Merida owned and operated The Mann Store. It was located right across the road from their house. The Mann Store was the main gathering place for the people who lived in the area, and it also served as the post office. This book includes lots of pictures, including a photograph of the Mann Store.

This book also contains extensive information about the ancestors of Elizabeth Craft, Lavisa Risner, and Ada Graham.

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