Ancestry of the Banks Family
by Charlene Banks

Ancestry of the Banks Family

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The earliest ancestor in this family was Wesley Banks, who was born around 1775 in North Carolina--probably in Wilkes County, near Wilkesboro. Some records show his first name spelled as "Westley." He married Jane Adams on February 7, 1797, in Wilkes County. They soon migrated to Abbeville County, South Carolina, and they had three children: Frances (born about 1800); Robert P. (born about 1803); and Winston (born about 1812). 

Wesley Banks died around 1812. His widow Jane left South Carolina around 1837, and she moved to Mississippi. She later lived in Yazoo County. She died there, around 1846. This book then follows her son Winston, who later fought in the Mexican-American War. While he was serving in the war, he was in Texas, and he fell in love with the land there. He bought 260 acres in Wood County. He moved there, in 1852. Along the way, he met and married Adelia Turner. He was twice her age.

When Winston Banks arrived in Wood County, he became the editor of a newspaper there, and he wrote editorials against slavery. That got him and his wife driven out of town by an armed mob. They left Texas and headed to Louisiana. They later moved to Arkansas. (Curiously, Winston owned slaves for many years.) But when the Civil War was over, Winston returned to Texas. He and his wife died there, in Wood County, sometime around 1881. It was their son Robert Banks (born 1863), who is then followed in this book.

Robert Banks married Margaret "Maggie" Glover, and it was their son Boney Larkin Banks (born January 27, 1894) who is then followed next.

Boney served in WWI. Before he left for Europe, he married Rosa Jane Brackett. This book contains a significant amount of information about her ancestors, all the way back to Anthony Brackett (1610-1691), in England.




and his descendants, down to Boney Larkin Banks (1894-1934) and his family, who lived in Texas.

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