Always in our Memories: Troy Newsome 1913-1935
By the Newsome Family

Always in our Memories: Troy Newsome 1913-1935

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Troy died when he was only 22 years old, from a rare, genetic heart condition, while he was working in a coal mine. He had married Nora Belle Collins, just four months before. His father Johnnie had died from the same condition, when Troy was a little boy.

Troy was buried in the Sammy Clark Branch Cemetery, in Floyd County, Kentucky, but his grave was marked with just a small rock. It is completely overgrown now.

This book traces the ancestors of Troy's parents (Johnnie Newsome and Dollie Bowen), several generations back. It also includes information about Troy's siblings, his mother's second husband (Linzie Crum) and their children, his wife Nora Belle Collins, her ancestors, and her second husband (Rhoda Stone).

Some of the people included in this book:
Amy Collins
Andrew J. Gibson and Kate Lula Gibson
Bonnie Collins
Castle Collins and Alice Lynch
Christopher Columbus Collins and Cynthia Spears
Clyde Collins
David Lee Crum
Earl Gordon Newsome and Loretta "Etta" Climer
Elijah L. Collins and Virgie Gibson
Elizabeth "Betsy" Newsom
Elmo Lester
Erza Lee Collins and Violet Marie Hamilton
Eugene "Gene" Collins
Harrison Newsom and Mary Margaret "Peggy" Lowe
Hartwell "Hart" Newsome and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ward
Henry Newsom and Mary "Pollie" Shields
Isom Mullins and Rosanna "Rose" Hager
James Harvey Collins and Rachel McGuire
John Bowen and Ruth Ellen Collins
John R. Collins and Rhoda Jessee
Johnnie Newsom and Dollie Bowen
Johnnie Newsome Jr. and Ruth N. Caudill
Jonathan Ward and Mary Arta Spears
Leonard Palmer Collins
Lewis Crum
Linzie Crum
Linsey Crum Jr.
Maye Crum and Virgil Collins
Meredith Collins
Nora Belle Collins
Orville Bays Collins and Mary Pierce Polly Kinney
Rhoda Stone
Vernon Ray Wood
Vesta Collins
Viola Hicks
Virgil Lynn Crum
Willie Crum

This book contains lots of photographs of the members of this family, which you will really enjoy, as well as copies of census reports and death certificates, and pictures of several gravestones. Please note that some members of this family spelled their last name as "Newsom." 

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